Metaphysics & Ba Zi Consultation

I first consulted with Mr Cain Ow from Celestial Ambience in 2011. Cain’s advice has helped me realize the different areas in my bazi that I need to enhance or minimize. He once cautioned me that if I travel during Jan/Feb period, I will fall ill. I went ahead for a family trip during that period and indeed I fell ill. Taking into account Cain’s advice, I had already prepared some medication on standby. Hence my illness did not worsen and I’m still able to enjoy the trip.

Cain’s advice has guided me well and now Cain is my most trusted metaphysics consultant. What I appreciate most about Cain is that he is able to give modern interpretations of metaphysics in helping me understand more about my bazi. He is approachable and will patiently answer all my questions during the consultation.

Cain’s advices are wise, practical and reliable. I would certainly recommend Cain to anyone who needs a trustworthy metaphysics consultant.

Karen Choo

Metaphysics & Ba Zi Consultation

Having first consulted you on my Ba Zi two months ago, I was very pleased with your level of professionalism and knowledge. Personally I had consulted few other consultants over the past few years, but they were never that detailed in explaining my Ba Zi to me. Your examples given during the 2 hours session had provided me much understanding and a clearer insight of myself.

Since then, I had also sought your service in providing a Feng Shui audit for my new house. Your after-consultation service is extremely well commended and appreciated cause you would be willing to meet up with me and my interior designer on various occasions to ensure my house design plan adheres to the Feng Shui audit recommendations. I think it’s great that you are able to use modern designs to blend in with Feng Shui, and not many Feng Shui Consultations are able to do that!!

Well, thanks again for providing such a high service level and it’s very much appreciated.

Gary Teo

Ba Zi Consultation

I am very impressed with the readings provided by Cain. He is very different from other Fengshui masters that I have visited in the past, to be more precise, he is in a league of his own in terms of the services he provides. With very limited information provided to him (i.e. date and time of birth), I am astonished to find that he was able to provide an extremely accurate reading and even predict the concerns and questions I have before I have the chance to ask.

Unlike many of the masters who can only give you a very generic reading, Cain goes in depth and he is able to extrapolate and do a very comprehensive consultation, the fact that he prepares a hardcopy report speaks volume for his professionalism and dedication. Cain is more then a Metaphysics master, he is a superb counselor and a great friend.

Chee Hun Khee

Associate Director, IT