2018, Year of Dog


Rat in the Year Pillar

Relationship with friends and people in your social network are reasonable well. Please take note of your personal safety as you are prone to accidents and injuries especially when travelling.


Rat in the Month Pillar 

There may be inconsistency, challenges and obstacles in your career, however you have good assistance from your partners and superiors. Therefore, you will have reasonable good luck in your wealth acquisition. Utilise your influencing power to excel in your business and career, it will either help you to increase your wealth or be promoted. You may have tons of work that might cause you to be stressful and tired. 

You may also get indirect support from your parents as a resource (eg. taking care of your children) to focus on doing well in your career. Hence, it is important to avoid argument when disagreement arises.


Rat in the Day Pillar

It’s important to cultivate your influencing power to achieve your goals (wealth, popularity, love relationship). This will help you to create more interesting resources and opportunities for personal gains.

Your general health is weak, and your energy essence is low. You will also have tendency of injuries, accidents and surgery. Emotionally you may be affected due to arguments and inconsistency in your relationship.


Rat in the Hour Pillar

It is a good year to take on the disciplinary role to your children to prevent health and personal safety issues from happening to them.  

Avoid speculative investment, as there is bad fortune and outflow of wealth. Instead, you should invest on your employees/subordinates or children, since loss of wealth is expected, and investing on them may turn them into your interesting and excellent resource.


In general, 

There may be a demise of someone you know, depending on which pillar your rat appears in, for example if your rat is in your year pillar, take note of your grandparents. Do take note especially if they have lower ranking zodiac in their day pillar, such as dog, dragon and rooster. 

Not to be too worried, as there are 2 positive symbolic stars to lessen the undesirable impact of the negative stars.  It is advisable to avoid hospital visits and attending funeral to eliminate bad aura.




Ox in the Year Pillar

It is not a good year
to expand your social network, as it may lead to argument and gossips. There
may be a tendency of communication breakdown, leading to misunderstanding and
thus affecting your image or reputation.


Ox in the Month Pillar 

It is good to set
goals, execute plans and get new ideas to enhance your wealth. You will be
having good benefactor assistance and mentor luck, receiving good support
from your superiors. Working as a team will bring you greater success.


Ox in the Day Pillar 

Frustration may be
caused by unexpected events leading to wealth and time loss, such as car
breakdown. There may be some minor legal infringement or health problems, due
to your own carelessness or negligence, for example speeding or gym injuries.

Take note of love
relationship issues, that may be caused by third party or misunderstanding.


Ox in the Hour Pillar 

You will be able to
have good support from your employees/subordinates, and working in harmony as
a team to attain great profits.

It is good to invest,
only if there is a specialized third-party assistance.


In general,

There is an indication
of female benefactor/s, look out for them depending on which pillar your Ox
appears in your birth chart.

Do not get involved and
try to resolve other people’s problem as it will create a negative outcome.




Tiger in the Year

Gossips and bad rumors
may surround you. Keep a low profile to avoid conflict and argument in your
social network. 

Be wary of personal
safety when travelling and always keep a look out for notorious people in
your social network.


Tiger in the Month Pillar 

There is slow but
steady career progression, it is good to work towards good social status to
gain recognition. It is always important to enhance your knowledge at work
and it is good for student to focus on academic successes.

Although there are
intermittent problem and disturbance creating setback and unhappiness at
work, be truthful and have the integrity to resolve it. Create a harmonious
environment to avoid gossiping and conflict with parents and people of higher


Tiger in the Day Pillar 

Being optimistic and
having a healthy lifestyle is important this year, as you are emotionally and
physically weak.

Be ethical to avoid any
legal infringement.  Manage your wealth
cautiously and avoid lending, to minimise unnecessary losses.

Be truthful and have
patience towards your spouse to create a more harmonious relationship


Tiger in the Hour Pillar 

It is important to
motivate and monitor your children, employees/subordinates to improve the
stability in the relationship and prevent any unpleasant situation.

Having an open mindset
will help you to reduce your inner self instability and unhappiness.

Investment should be
avoided, and you should focus on your direct wealth.


In general, 

You should always create a harmonious
environment to enhance your social status and wealth luck. Don’t be affected
by the gossips around you.





Rabbit in the
Year Pillar

Your charming and
charismatic self will bring you lots of support and good opportunities in
your social network. Kindness and being charitable will lead to more
auspicious outcome.

Be disciplined to avoid
outer romance leading to undesirable consequences, such as sexual transmitted
diseases or hurting other’s feeling.


Rabbit in the Month Pillar 

You will be exposed to
favorable resources, funds and assistances; hence it is a good time to drive
your career to a greater height, and expand your business. Developing a
strong bond with bosses and people of authority will bring you great

Your parents will be
your good resource to lessen your load in life for you to focus on your


Rabbit in the Day Pillar

There is no significant
health issue, but you still need to maintain a healthy body as your energy
essence is not at your peak. (more significant in elderly males)

Be loyal towards your
spouse, avoid external temptations and spend your money wisely.


Rabbit in the Hour Pillar 

employees/subordinates are supportive, and they will be your great resource
this year.

Bonding with children
is good, not much issues will be faced this year and inner self is balanced.

It is a good time to
only if you have the right skills, knowledge and
, always avoid


In general, 

There may be occasional
arguments and disagreements, however it is not significant nor detrimental.





Dragon in the
Year Pillar

Control your
temperament when interacting with your social network. Maintaining a low
profile in your social network this year is beneficial, as it will not bring
you fulfilment and you may end up offending people easily. In addition, it is
easy to have communication breakdown and creating gossips, especially with

Drive cautiously and
keep your eyes on the road while travelling, as you are prone to land
accidents and injuries.


Dragon in the Month Pillar 

There will be many
obstacles and challenges in your career/business, the path will not be
smooth, and your relationship with your superiors may be tensed. It is not a
good year to expand your business or making any drastic changes in your

Extra effort is
required to maintain a stable relationship with your parents.


Dragon in the Day Pillar 

Your tolerance level is
low, and this will affect your relationship with your spouse. Work on good
temperaments and keep tight communication with your spouse to heal the

There are unexpected
big and small losses that will frustrate you. Please be mindful in your
spending and anticipate any big expenditures in advance.

Take note of health and
personal safety, and do not take it lightly.


Dragon in the Hour Pillar 

Your inner self will be
troubled and disturbed, and you will be agitated easily.

There will be
hinderance in your relationship with your employees/subordinates and children
due to your negative thoughts and actions. Please be more pragmatic when
dealing with them.

Do not do any
investment this year!


In general,

Use your great survival
instinct to go through the challenges and minimise the negative impact this




Snake in the Year

Good interpersonal
relationship will greatly enhance your benefactor luck and the chances to
receive “rewards” from social networks.

Please be committed and
always remind yourself to maintain a high integrity. 

Avoid staying out late
and around “dirty” places.


Snake in the Month Pillar 

Excellent business and
career luck, coupled with great charm and authority, will help you to succeed
and prosper! You will have powerful assistance and be able to eradicate any negative
effects to have a smooth sailing business and career. You can work on
starting up a new business, expanding your business and climbing up the
corporate ladder.

However, hard work and
cooperation with others are essential in order for you to do well in your
career and business. 


Snake in the Day Pillar 

This is a good year for
singles to find the right partner, and married couples to maintain a blissful

It is good to pamper
you and your spouse this year, and enjoy every moment of it. It’s always good
to take down notes, as there is a tendency of being forgetful and having a
lack of concentration this year.

Healthy lifestyle is
important to further enhance your luck with many auspicious occasion to look


Snake in the Hour Pillar

There will be a good
bonding with children, and your employees/subordinates will be your great
resources! It is a good year to invest too!

Having less desire will
make your inner self more balanced.


In general, 

Do not need to be too
worry about the inconsistency and exhaustion caused by the negative symbolic
stars, as your positive symbolic stars are powerful to eradicate and minimise
these negative effects. 

There may be a demise
of someone you know, depending on which pillar your snake appears in, for
example if your snake is in your year pillar, take note of your grandparents.
Do take note especially if they have lower ranking zodiac in their day
pillar, such as dog, dragon and rooster.





Horse in the Year

It is a good year to
create activities, travel overseas and have lots of movement.

Creating bonds with
friends and within your social network may be challenging as it is easy to
get into conflicts and misunderstandings due to your negative energy and
aggressive behavior. Therefore, it is more important to cultivate a stronger
bonding with people.

You must also be wary
of petty people that will bring in gossip.

Do take note of your
grandparents’ health, and it is advisable to go for early medical checkup,
especially if they have lower ranking zodiac in their day pillar, such as
dog, dragon and rooster.

Do take note of your
personal safety while traveling too.


Horse in the Month Pillar 

There is average
business, career and finance luck, with tough times, challenges and obstacles
along the way.  However, with good
leadership and influencing power, coupled with good social skills, it can
bring you better business, career and finance luck.

Do anticipate sowing of
money from the effort either in the past or the present.

Keep a watch out for
your parents’ health and safety, especially if they have any lower ranking
zodiacs in their day pillar, such as the dog, dragon and rooster.


Horse in the Day Pillar

For singles looking for
new romance, be conscientious in choosing partner to avoid non-genuine
relationships. For couples, understanding towards your spouse is important to
maintain your relationship, and please avoid aggressive and abrasive

Moving of house is
considered auspicious to eradicate the negative spouse affiliations.

In this year, you will
be prone to accidents and injuries that will cause you to bleed, as well as
sickness and illnesses that may lead to surgery. 


Horse in the Hour Pillar

It is good to purchase
properties or real estate this year either for your own stay or investment.

Do anticipate monetary returns.
(Not restricted to gain)

You should be more calm
and gentle, and use the soft approach towards your children,

Learn to take thing
easy, and let go of your attachments so as to go through tough times.


In general,

There will be
challenges and obstacles along the way.
Although it is good for movement, but there is still some risk on
wealth and personal safety caused by
白虎 Bai Hu, hence you need
to plan your finance carefully. Take note of personal safety while travelling.





Goat in the Year

You are fortunate to
build strong relationship with your friends and social network, as you will
have good resource to find useful tools or information so as to produce happy
events and occasions.

There will be respect
and recognition luck, thereby you should not distance yourself from people
and get into argument easily due to your emotion instability. 

Be wary of injuries and
accidents while travelling. 


Goat in the Month Pillar 

Good energy helps you
to bring good fortune in term of your business and career. You will also have
good luck in gaining of recognition and fame, and be respected by people of
higher authority.

There is good
benefactor luck to assist you in your endeavor and you should not be brought
down by your negative feelings, obstacles and bad rumors.

Be filial and tolerant
to parents to eliminate the negative effect of the clash.


Goat in the Day Pillar 

福星Fu Xing will bring you good energy vibes and good
health to sail you through the year. 

Spouse relationship is
reasonably good, as long as you don’t pick on each other’s weaknesses and
create arguments.

It is good for singles
to embark on a new romantic journey.

Don’t be overwhelmed by
the happy events, do take care of your personal safety.

There is a tendency of
minor legal infringement, please be careful of minor legal offences.


Goat in the Hour Pillar

Occasionally, you may
feel unfulfilled and emotionally unstable, but
天德Tian De will bring you
back on track, and with your own compulsion and drive, you will succeed in
all your undertakings.

Create good bonding
with your children and employees/subordinates, and this will you to balance
your thoughts and getting the resource and help.

You have good wealth
luck to do investment , and no negative symbolic stars that denotes that there
is a loss of wealth. It is good to identify the right people to advice you on
the right investment.


In general, 

It’s a good year for
the goat with the powerful
福星Fu Xing to bring you all the good luck and
De to transform all bad energy to good ones. Do not overthink and create
unnecessary unhappiness in you.





Monkey in the
Year Pillar

Bonding with friends
and social network is weak. You should take some personal time to travel to
make yourself feel more fulfilled. By doing so, you can lose your wealth more
gracefully. While travelling, do take note of your personal safety and

Monkey in the Month Pillar

Enhance yourself by
travelling around and acquiring new knowledge and putting it to good use for
future career advancement. You need a lot of self-effort and exposure to
excel in your business and career. 

You will feel stress
and develop anxiety at work, therefore please work within your means and
create balance in your life.  

You need a lot of
knowledge and self-effort if you choose to invest to expand your business.


Monkey in the Day Pillar

Your relationship with
spouse will be affected by your pessimism and emotions. Always have
sufficient rest and allocate time for your spouse to create a stronger

For singles, it is a
good time to look out for potential partner, but do not rush into a

Health and personal
safety is at risk, please take extra precautions.


Monkey in the Hour Pillar

Your children and
employees/subordinates may create unpleasant situations to make you unhappy
and depressed. You should not be too involved, and it is good detach yourself
emotionally from them.  

Depression and
loneliness are intense in women and children.

It may not be the right
time to invest, as you need to go through an extra mile to gain your returns
in the investment.


In general, 

Independent self,
confidence and having the right mentality is crucial this year to have better
fulfilment in life.

There may be
demise of someone you know, depending on which pillar your monkey appears in,
for example if your monkey is in your year pillar, take note of your
grandparents. Do take note especially if they have lower ranking zodiac in
their day pillar, such as dog, dragon and rooster.





Rooster in the
Year Pillar

It is not easy to
harmonise with people in your social network; conflicts and argument may
arise easily. There are many unfriendly circumstances that you should
anticipate, and you should control your negative thoughts and emotions.


Rooster in the Month Pillar 

Strong bond with your
superiors will bring you better work recognition and you will have less risk
in your career. Maintaining a good relationship with your clients and
suppliers will bring you through the challenging year. 


Rooster in the Day Pillar

There will be many
minor health complaints, such as flu and headache. Take more vitamins and
exercise to keep yourself healthy.

Be more understanding
and thoughtful towards your spouse to bring upon better bonding. More
fruitful activities are encouraged to promote relationship.

For singles, it is not
a good year to go into a relationship.


Rooster in the Hour Pillar 

Control your temper and
use a soft approach towards your children, employees/subordinates in order to
maintain a harmonious relationship.

It is also not a good
time for investments, and you should focus on enhancing your career

You should spend more
time to reflect on yourself and finetune your negative thoughts and emotion.


In general,

There will be many
unfriendly circumstances which affect relationship harmony, hence you need to
be more sociable and welcoming to avoid conflicts and do well in your
business and career.





Dog in the Year Pillar

It is not a good year
to travel and move around, as personal safety is at risk.
Sui will bring upon misfortune. It is good to maintain a low profile in your
social network.


Dog in the Month Pillar 

It is a challenging
year for your career and business, being hardworking and having the
compulsion is important. Being conservative and creative will help you go
through these tough times in your career and business. 


Dog in the Day Pillar

You must instill
discipline in yourself and avoid bad indulgence. You should be on high alert
for your personal health, wellbeing and safety, especially for women.

You may be distanced
from your spouse, and there may be misunderstanding and conflicts. Extra
effort is required to keep your relationship intact. For singles, it is not a
good year to go into a relationship.


Dog in the Hour Pillar

It is also good to
compromise and work towards a harmonious relationship with your children and
employees/subordinates this year. You should take things easy and be creative
and flexible when dealing with them.

You are lacking
compulsion and you have a negative mindset, find ways to be motivated for you
to be able to go through this challenging year.

Do not invest as wealth
luck is not in your favor.


In general,

It is not a good year
for the dog. Take good care of your health and safety and avoid travelling.





Pig in the Year

Your likeable character
will bring you good relationship luck this year! Expand your social network
and make more friends as you will find good benefactors and vice versa you
can be a benefactor to others too! It is also a good year to travel and
explore opportunities to bring good outcome of your desires.

However, avoid being
negligent and thereby causing a loss of wealth and belongings while traveling
and moving around.


Pig in the Month Pillar 

It is good to develop a
close relationship with your superior as they can be your benefactor and
bring resource to your career advancement and promotion! Exposing yourself to
overseas ventures or work is considered very auspicious for your career
progression. This is a smooth sailing year and do your best to seize good

Do not neglect your
parents and always make time to meet up and connect with them.


Pig in the Day Pillar 

You are blessed with
relationship luck! For married couple, marriage will be blissful. For
singles, you may meet your Mr/Mrs. Right this year!

Be faithful and avoid
bad indulgence. Splurging occasionally to pamper your spouse is encouraged.
It is good to create sparks in your love life and this will further enhance
your blissful relationship.

Do not isolate
yourself, as there are many people who are ready to shower you with love this
year! It is important to improve on your work life integration.


Pig in the Hour Pillar

Relationship with your
children and employees/subordinates is great! This is a good time to exercise
your leadership and guide them to accomplish and succeed. Your children will
have a strong bonding with you and it is good to spend more time
communicating with them and understand them better. It will also help you to
be positive, productive and fulfilling this year.  Married couples who are trying for a baby
this year will have a chance to deliver.

It is better to focus
on your career to generate consistent income than concentrating on
investments. Please be wary of losses although it is not substantial.


In general,

It is a smooth sailing
year for the pig. With likeable characteristics and strong relationship luck,
all minor hiccups caused by negative symbolic stars can be resolved.

There is an indication
of male benefactor/s, look out for them depending on which pillar your Pig
appears in your birth chart.  

Note that for children
with pig in year or month pillar, it is good to have godparents.