Several years ago, I conducted my routine Feng Shui assessment of a house where a lady client had recently acquired the keys to her resale flat. The flat consisted of three rooms and faced a corridor directly in front of the main entrance.

On that particular day, the sun was scorching, casting a bright light outside. However, upon entering the house, a stark contrast was apparent. The interior lacked sunlight, emanating a dark and almost eerie coolness that seemed to seep into your very skin.

The client, a single mother with an infant daughter, was unfazed by my warning that this house might hinder her chances of finding a suitable partner. She defiantly declared, “I have given up on men!” Three years later, she did indeed find a new partner, but he turned out to be a man who lost his job after moving into her home and constantly relied on her for financial support.

The nature of a house often serves as an indication of its residents’ fortunes. When the atmosphere of a dwelling urges caution and repels you, it is wise to heed that warning.

Note: In this brief article, I have not emphasized the consequences for her daughter and how it may affect the residents’ health.

Note: While some individuals may perceive the house as haunted, from a metaphysical perspective, the overwhelming presence of “yin” energy in this dwelling is extremely potent.